Chris Evans had to transform his body for ‘Captain America’



Chris Evans’ character Steve Rogers went via a dramatic physique transformation from a thin child to a swole supersoldier within the 2011 movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.” But behind the scenes, Evans went via an identical but much less dramatic transformation.

Waterson, the creator of the newly launched “Intelligent Fitness: The Smart Way to Reboot Your Body and Get in Shape,” instructed Insider that when he began coaching Evans for the primary “Captain America” film in 2010, the then-28-year-old actor had the physique of a faculty man — disproportionately muscular in his biceps, chest, and core.

“He was quite athletic, but as he said to me, he typically did ‘the college workout,’ so he was a bit imbalanced,” Waterson instructed Insider. “He just trained his biceps, and his chest, and his abs, and that was it.”
He added: “He could do a lot of pushing exercises but not a lot of pulling exercises. So he didn’t deadlift, he didn’t do many pull-ups, he didn’t have very overdeveloped legs.”

Waterson mentioned he helped Evans grasp an exercise routine that constructed energy within the muscle groups that weren’t getting sufficient work, which allowed the actor to foster an extra balanced physique and enhance his mobility for motion scenes. Waterson mentioned that the coaching routine he devised in 2010 was identical to the actor’s evolution through his nine-year run because of the character, which ended after “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019.

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