Chris Hemsworth Celebrated His Return to LA With a God-Level Cheat Meal



Chris Hemsworth is again in LA to movie Extraction 2 after getting jacked and constructing a “bulletproof” physique for the motion sequel—however, earlier than he throws himself into one other stunt-filled shoot, he took the time for an epic to cheat day meal. The Australian actor shared his order on Instagram: two big pizzas, two servings of hen wings, and a beer.
“Just landed in LA and thought I’d kick things off with a super light healthy meal,” he jokingly wrote within the caption for the put-up, which has garnered greater than five and a half million likes.

Of course, consuming vast quantities of meals is one thing that the actor is all too acquainted with.

“With all those Thor roles, part of the work is also backing it up with the food,” mentioned Zocchi. “He’s eating so much that he gets sick of it. He eats every two hours because he’s naturally a taller, skinnier guy, so he needs a lot of calories. In this film — I’m not joking — he was eating up to eight to 10 times a day. As soon as he went into hair and makeup on set at six o’clock, he’d have his first meal, and then 460 calories every two hours.”

“The quantity of food Chris is consuming is that of an athlete, rather than the average male, so it’s important to keep this in perspective,” dietitian Kelly Jones R.D. advised Men’s Health in 2020.

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