Dwayne Johnson Snaps Adorable Photo of Daughter Tia ‘Hiding’ Behind His Massive Arm



Dwayne Johnson’s lovable three-year-old daughter, Tia, loves making the most of her dad’s large, muscular arms. And are you able to blame her?
Johnson’s bulging biceps make a wonderful place for the toddler to cover when she gets scared.

Not too long ago, the “Jungle Cruise” actor took to Instagram to share this handy little piece of information with the world. We see Johnson’s veiny forearm, large bicep, and slightly face peeking out behind it in the image. Tia squeezes the spot proper above his elbow tight. However, her face is all lovable, innocent.

“Weekend breakfast vibes,” Dwayne Johnson wrote earlier. “These days, Tia loves ‘hiding’ behind daddy. But there’s going to be a time when she gets older where daddy’s arm is the last and un-coolest place she’ll want to be 😌 so I’ll take these moments 24/7.”

Does it get any cuter than that? It does. Johnson talks about how ironic it’s that Tia’s hiding behind that particular tattooed arm.
“Fun irony is she’s hiding behind the part of my tattoo where it tells the story (symbolically) of protection. Always protecting my AIGA (family),” Johnson concluded in his caption.

We know Dwayne Johnson loves to point out how proud he’s of his daughters. Last month, the actor posted about his center daughter, Jazzy (Jasmine), who took up horseback using not too long ago. Johnson pulls his daughter shut as she grins, holding up her blue ribbon within the pic.

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