Watch Chris Hemsworth Do Banded Bosu Ball Squats



Chris Hemsworth and his stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton have packed on a formidable quantity of muscle during the last yr in preparation for the brand new Thor film and motion sequel Extraction 2.

But they’ve additionally been getting modern—and generally a bit foolish—of their coaching routine, as evidenced by a brand new video shared on TikTookay and Instagram by Hanton.

“The secret to working out is to get real creative and all sorts of stupid equipment involved,” Hemsworth says.”Don’t get stuck doing regular exercises!” Hemsworth provides.

It’s an equally spoofy video to the current clip of Hemsworth and co. doing a “brutal” Pilates exercise—however, Hemsworth is not too far off the mark when he jokes that the Bosu ball is a bit of “stupid equipment.”. “When you’re on an unstable surface, your glutes are working hard to keep you balanced,” says coach Bret Contreras C.S.C.S. “Because of that, your glutes are distracted from performing the task at hand: lifting and lowering the weight.”

It’s price noting that Hemsworth performs an air squat with resistance bands on this video more than a weighted model. Adding an exterior load to any train on the Bosu ball can enhance the danger of harm; if you wish to elevate heavy masses, it is best to maintain your ft on a solid floor. “This not a tool to use when adding a massive load,” says Atkins. “I tend to stay with strict bodyweight on these workouts.

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